Humans of Minneapolis (“HOM”) connects hearts and minds with storytelling to build community, encourage empathy, and provide tangible ways to do good.


HOM taps the power of storytelling to make connections both online and in the real world. We do this by shining a light on individual stories that reveal our shared humanity, using social media to boost organizations that are making a positive impact in the community, and organizing events that connect people in meaningful ways.

There are three branches to our work:

Community engagement: The heart of HOM is sharing personal narratives. HOM’s compassionate style of visual storytelling encourages viewers to feel a connection to the subject. The result is increased empathy and a stronger sense of community.

Collaborations: HOM uses its social media presence to boost organizations that are changing lives. HOM Storytellers work directly with the organizations to amplify their stories and provide a specific call-to-action for people who want to support their work.

Events: HOM believes strongly that we have more in common than we often realize. HOM events are an opportunity for people from different walks of life to interact with people outside their usual “circles.”


HOM is not a social services organization, but rather a facilitator of connections. Subjects who have needs in terms of housing, addiction and/or mental health counseling, or other more immediate issues will be referred to local social service organizations who specialize in those areas.

Donations of professional services, in-kind items, and friendship/support for subjects are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Volunteers may organize crowdfunding campaigns for HOM subjects, but HOM does not participate in fundraising for individuals.